So, when I started to cry at EastEnders, then had a mini meltdown because I couldn’t find a tea towel that I liked, I realised either I had finally lost the plot or I was heading into the (sshhh) menopause! Or worse still, both!  Well how did that happen?  So, my brain no longer belongs to me and my body is doing strange things, this is new!

It’s kind of strange, I feel like I am entering a new world and am hoping to make it through to the other side.  Having spoken to friends and family I realise everyone’s experience is unique, but there are common symptoms.  I’m fascinated at how the human body works and how incredibly complex we are.

The menopause is supposed to be the sign you are heading into old age, but I’m not ready.  I’m happy to embrace getting older but I don’t, well, feel old!  Well maybe after a rare night out dancing and it takes me 2 days to recover!

When I feel manic and like life is on fast forward I feel blessed for my bolthole in Spain.  I can slow everything down and give my brain a chance to catch up. Everyone should have a bolthole, whether it’s the den in the attic, the garden in summer, or like me, a hideout abroad for the price of a meal out on a Saturday night.

I’ve never been one for western medicine, so for me my HRT is sunshine and serenity.  We may have to revisit this down the line!

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