Approaching 50 – Part 2

A pattern seems to be emerging. When I was in my 20s and 30s I always seemed to be attending weddings or christenings, now it seems funerals are my main social event. I’m not making light of a sad and painful occasion but it seems to be like a reunion every time I attend one these days, although its lovely to see all these faces, it’s the only time I seem to see anyone from my youth. Which I find it sad; and wish we had more get togethers for happier occasions.
I’ve never been what they call high maintenance but it takes me twice as long to wash my hair put on a bit of mascaca and choose an outfit (I now need the entire day!) and then I feel like a trussed up turkey, squashed into a dress, feet killing me because I’m wearing heels, when all I want to do is wear trackpants and flats lol.

But I’m not ready for the twin set and pearls club either. But then there are times when (possibly it’s a full moon) I want to get glammed up, sparkle and shine my brightest, it can be empowering and boost your confidence, you feel good when you look good.

I don’t want to fall into the trap of complacency and just trudge along into old age. I want to stride into old age, grab it by the throat and show it who’s boss. I want to own it!
I aim to constantly evolve into something new, enjoying different things and challenge myself. Creating a better version of myself each time.

2 thoughts on “Approaching 50 – Part 2”

  1. Very interesting reading especially from a male view into the mind of a woman not all women mind you but as everyone is an individual but non the less very intresting.

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