Spiritual Awakening

As I approach my senior years, I feel like I am finally waking up from a deep slumber.  I have removed the blinkers and I can see!  I have never been into religion, I tried many and nothing seemed to fit or make sense, but the older I get and the more in tune I get with myself I find myself drawn to spirituality in different forms.  I try to change my way of thinking and dismiss negativity out of my life.  And so far it seems to be working.  Don’t get me wrong I struggle and find it hard at times but each day it gets easier and easier.

Society doesn’t make it easy, with taxes on everything but the air we breathe, rules and regulations to make us conform to their ideals, I have had to try and uneducate myself and start from scratch.  I’m retraining my brain to be happy regardless of what hurdles are put in my path.  Working my guts out for the benefit of someone else, paying taxes for things I already own and have paid for, these are the things designed to keep us down.  I used to dream about having some nice house, car or clothes.  None of this matters if you are not happy or have peace of mind.   Ask any celebrity!   I sat down and thought about what makes me happy, none of these things I realised cost a single penny.  So now I just concentrate on being happy and everything else will fall into place.  I no longer worry about how I will be happy or why, just that I will.  Everything else is just meh, as my son would say.

I try to meditate regularly, give thanks and blessings for everything I have every morning when I awake, am incredibly grateful for all I have.  I focus on all the wonderful things in my life and all the wonderful things to come, any negative thoughts that creep in I quickly dismiss and replace with a positive one.  Now you may think I am chatting mumbo jumbo but it does work, I have tried it and try to practice this way daily (I’m the most cynical person I know) so if it works for me it can work for you.

The world is full of beautiful people and things, I refuse to be brought down by the small majority of negative people trying to keep us down.  I have always had a thing where I would say my ‘spirit’ doesn’t take to someone I just met, and it hasn’t let me down.  Some people get a ‘gut’ feeling etc. this is your spirituality telling you something, I have just taken this to another level, listen to it!

So I only surround myself with positive people and positive things, I steer clear of anything negative, if I cannot, then I try to see the positive things about them/it.  I am learning each and every day and will never stop learning.  I hope you can too.

Have yourself a fabulous and blessed day, you deserve it! 😊



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