Spring is here and I feel excited for the warmer climate, however brief.  It sounds corny but everything seems nicer in the sunshine.  Although for those that know me, it’s a long way off before the toes come out lol.  The flowers and plants come to life in an abundance of colours.

Time for BBQ’s, water fights, social gatherings outdoors, and just chilling in the garden, all the things I love about warm weather.  People are nicer and happier, although some clothing choices are cringeworthy lol.  The only down side is working in an office when the sun is shining, I long to be out there, being in tune with the universe and all the wonderful things mother nature provides.

Everyone is more social, you spend more time outdoors instead of the inside of a box.  Maybe because I’m on a spiritual journey I feel more at peace and at home when surrounded by nature in its natural habitat.  Blank canvas’ suddenly spring to life with bulbs popping up everywhere as if someone just came and planted them there, nature is awesome.

1 Love to you all!

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