Marvellous Menopause – Part 2

So firstly, you are not going mad.  I find it really interesting that every female blessed enough to live long enough for the Menopause, still doesn’t really know, if and when, they are starting it.  Every female goes through it, now don’t get me wrong, we have come a long way since our parents’ time, there are a wide variety of medication and sites relating to it, yet somehow we are still baffled when we experience it. 

Everyone’s experience is slightly different, and people experience different symptoms but they are all basically the same, just differing degrees.  I wonder if it is because until it actually happens no one really speaks about it in great detail.

I myself have been in the Menopause for approx. 5-6 years now and some of my friends started before me and some after me, yet we never really discussed it until now.  So, as I previously stated everyone experiences it slightly different and at different degrees, for me though I genuinely thought I was going mad (that really is an understatement), my anxiety/paranoia shot through the roof, I had migraines (something I never had pre-menopause) my whole body just ached as though I had done a marathon, I had no motivation whatsoever and could quite happily sit on my bed all day and not do a thing, then last but not least, the lovely hot flushes, I only had the odd one and didn’t pour sweat like I had seen from friends/colleagues, instead I just felt hot from within, like someone had turned the thermostat up.  This was even before my periods stopped, then one day I didn’t have a period and haven’t had one since (no spotting, or on/off for me, just complete stop).

The worst part out of all of it was the mental ‘fog’, I would forget words as if my brain had been turned off, I recall one day I was on the phone to a friend, giving her a recipe for something, I said “when you finish, sprinkle some…. on it”, I was trying to say Thyme, I could visualise it and knew what I wanted to say, but the word stuck and for the life of me I couldn’t recall what it was called or say it, I ended up saying sprinkle some ‘herbs’ on it, it had me so flustered.  Imagine forgetting what a Chair was called!!

Then there was the anxiety/paranoia, something again, pre-menopause I had never suffered with, I was always a laid back, go with the flow kind of person, so this was all new to me.  I could no longer multi-task and had to compartment everything in order to function, I began to have mini panic attacks and hated going into crowded spaces.  I really thought I was going mad or having some sort of breakdown, I would get flashes of anger where I would snap at the smallest things.  I would constantly forget conversations I would have with my family and repeat myself.

Then I happened to lose a lot of weight so I decided enough is enough and went to the Dr’s, where several blood tests later, I was diagnosed as being in the Menopause.  I was the right age so I don’t know why the penny didn’t drop before, maybe I thought the symptoms would be different, but it all now made sense.  So I tried to muddle through for a while (I didn’t want to take HRT due to family medical history) but it just got worse, so I thought I would try some herbal over the counter remedies, a few friends recommended some to me, it took a while to find one that worked for me, but I did find one called Meno Complex by Purolabs, which is fantastic.   It can only be ordered online and is slightly more expensive than high street versions, but it works well for me.  I feel normal again, I still get my hot flushes but nothing serious and can function as a normal person again.  I also do Yoga and Pilates online which really helps to keep me supple and keep the anxiety at bay.

The other side of it is the effect it has on family members, didn’t really think about it before but it does affect them.  I sat mine down and explained everything I was feeling and going through, they sympathise and try to be supportive but in a house full of males they don’t really understand or get it.

I hope I am over the other side of my Menopause as I know it can last 10 years for some, I hope this has helped you if you are reaching your mid to late 40’s, or even if you are already experiencing any of the above, I suggest you get tested and get treatment for it asap.  Medication and exercise definitely help and I would recommend it to anyone.  If anyone needs support or just someone to listen, my door is always open. Stay blessed 😊

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